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Our product does the talking

24x7 Connectivity

Virtual number is an economical solution to connect with the customers despite location differences, that too 24×7.

Different Number, Same Phone

Get a new number for business calls that’s different from your personal number – all calls landing on the same device.

Productivity on the Move

You can route important calls to your mobile phone. If you still miss a call, voicemails (and faxes as well) will go to your email.

Personalised Greetings

Personalised greetings with caller’s and your business name will welcome the calls to enhance your brand image.

Maximize Cost Savings

No expensive phone system to stay connected. Like ‘plug-and-play’, virtual number set up for working within minutes.

Increase Sales

Display different virtual numbers on different channels, track and analyse which of the channels is drawing maximum RoI.


Virtual Receptionist - Inspired by Innovation


Display virtual number with “click-to-call” button on your website to enable instant connections with prospects.

Smart Call Routing

Ensure maximum availability and efficiency of your agents by routing calls to appropriate departments.

Call Tracking

Track all incoming calls on your virtual mobile
number and generate detailed real-time

Real-time Notifications

Get notified for every missed call or when the call queue gets longer over SMS and emails.

Number Choices

Retain your existing mobile number or choose from the large pool of virtual numbers offered by Servetel.

Sticky Agents

Save customers from the confusion of multiple
agents. Connect them to the same agent
on redials.

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