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Designed for Efficiency

Due to its portable size and sleek design, EyeRIS is the world's most efficient way to interact with your computer applications on a life size surface without the use of any bulky touch surface or even a keyboard or mouse.

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High-speed tracking
with a wide vision

EyeRIS is an optical interactive device with built-in high speed image sensors which can intelligently track and learn the environment and allow for a seamless information control with any display. 

In image, EyeRIS tracking a large volume of 3D space in front to track human input signals.

The best interactive experience you can get.

EyeRIS tracks human input signal at about 195 million dots/second with effective refresh rate of upto 200 Hz. This provides an unprecedented interactive experience while using your applications.

Input Speed with signal refresh latency below 8ms.

Real-time interaction and writing speed without any lag and superior interactive performance.

Precise interaction

Even though EyeRIS is mounted very close to a wide surface, superior optical undistortion algorithms allow it to track every input with pixel precision.

Smooth annotations and writing

Backed by the state-of-the-art anti-noise and anti-jitter algorithms — you'll love the quality of interaction you get with your applications via EyeRIS.